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Generate Dao is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization aimed at combining DeFi and charitable outreach.

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Generate DAO

Founded by alumni from some of the world’s leading universities, GENERATE is an innovative trek into the possibilities of high percentage yield DeFi. The protocol utilizes breakthrough reward mechanisms that employ rebase auto-compounding. The process is further optimized through the principles of Game Theory.

Animal Rescue

GenerateDAO’s members choose a cause on which to focus biannually. Our inaugural cause is animal rescue, and helping those with literally no voice. Across the world, every day, and in every country, companion animals are abused, tortured, and killed. GenerateDAO does not believe it can unilaterally solve all problems, but as the saying goes, “every bit helps.. and a lot helps more.” The founders anticipate that GenerateDAO will help quite a bit.

Generate dao

Rewards for staking
& Bonding

Staking and bonding will be rewarded through the minting of GEND tokens, Generate’s system-wide token. For every 10 GEND generated, 9 GEND will be distributed to our staking and bonding DAO members. One GEND out of 10 will be allocated to the charity of our DAO’s choosing. NOTE: bonding entails creating a liquidity pair and then trading it to GenerateDAO for discounted GEND. 

Who created GenerateDAO?
Who runs it?

In keeping with our predecessors and inspiration (OlympusDAO and KlimaDAO,) we will remain pseudo-anonymous for the present time. It is possible this will change. Members of the team have graduate degrees in business, computer science, and psychology. Team members are associated with institutions including NYU, Rice University, University of Texas, Tulane, and Northwestern. Members of the DAO (token holders) run Generate.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The other nine tokens are distributed to YOU, the token staker and DAO participant. Hold these tokens to earn more tokens, get more value, and get more resources to animal rescue groups. Generate!

A. The charities must have administrative cost percentages in the bottom quartile of charities in their field. This shows with little doubt a commitment to efficiency and a genuine concern for their cause.

A. There will not be an ICO per se. At a date in the future, likely in December, there will be a community-centered initial offering of tokens. More information will follow. Huge rewards await early adopters. Please sign up for our Medium and Telegram channels to stay informed. Links are at the top and bottom of the page.

A. While we would not consider them our competitors, we do draw inspiration from KilmaDAO and OlympusDAO, as well as Wonderland. They have led the charge with this model and have the bona fides to show that it works. As of the writing of this response, KlimaDAO (released only a week ago) has a market cap of half a billion dollars; OlympusDAO has a market cap of over $3 billion.

There are a number of reasons. A member of our team had a beloved dog as a child. It ran away after some neighbors were popping fireworks. Eventually the pet was tracked down to an animal shelter, but it was too late. That trauma became something of a scar. As stated earlier, companion animals literally have no voice.

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GenerateDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization aimed at combining DeFi and charitable outreach.


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